When Geek Meets Serial Killer (2015) (In Hindi)

Watch When Geek Meets Serial Killer 2015 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online

Director: Remus Kam, Eric Cheng

Starring: Ray Chang, Shiga Lin, J.C. Chee

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Released on: 28 May 2015

Writer: Eric Cheng

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (171 Votes)

Duration: 91 min

Synopsis: Zhang Jian-He, a reserved and rather introverted cartoonist, is dating a beautiful and conservative girlfriend, YaShi. One day, in an unfortunate dispute with his best buddy Chen-Jun, is accidentally killed by Zhang Jian-He. To cover up his deed, Jian-He cleaned the bloodstains and any entailing evidence of the crime scene, and found an unique and creative way to dispose of Chen-Jun’s body. Soon Jian-He discovered a shocking truth: Chen-Jun was sleeping with YaShi all the time. Zhang Jian-He felt the utmost pain for being cheated by his best friend, and the girl he love is just a slut. The story soon brought out traces of a serial killer Jia-Ming, who murdered his own father when he was a minor. Disguised as a policeman, Jia-Ming return to his killing spree soon after his released from the prison, and through an online instant messenger, Jia-Ming get to know Zhang Jian-He. Curiously, Jia-Ming paid a visit to Jian-He’s home and discovered that Yashi is accusing Jian-He for the murder of Chen-Jun. The story follows with an enticing, dark and humorous line which will change the life of Jian-He and Jia-Ming forever.

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