Sisterhood (In Hindi) S1E1

Watch Sisterhood In Hindi Season 1 Episode 1 Free Online

Director: Aydin Bulut

Starring: Ece Uslu, Emre Kinay, Sevda Erginci

Genre: Drama

Released on: 25 Oct 2019

Writer: Funda Alp, Soysal Demir, Didem Kaplan, Banu Uzpeder

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10 (14 Votes)

Duration: 120 min


Synopsis: Three sisters separated at birth, do not even know of the others existence. One day each one receives a secretive letter and they meet at the wedding of one of the sisters. But on that wedding night they are going to find themselves in a totally unexpected situation. One is a doctor, one is a musician, and the other – the owner of a huge vineyard. Three sisters, after that night, where on that faithful night in the beautiful village of Günesli Bahçe are now forced to live together and none of them can leave. Due to a crisis, comes this forceful situation, the sisters who are financially secure in their own right, now due to this situation leave themselves, to bond as a friends, confidants, and the adventures of sisterhood begin.




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