Republic Z (2018) (In Hindi)

Watch Republic Z 2018 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online

Director: Stepan Burnashev, Nadezhda Yumshanova

Starring: Dmitriy Baishev, Georgiy Bessonov, Kyunney Filippova

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Thriller

Released on: 12 Apr 2018

Writer: Aleksey Ambrosyev

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (100 Votes)

Duration: 87 min

Synopsis: Two guys – Petr and Mette – didn’t chose to stay in the depth of Yakutian taiga. They have to scavenge for food, endure severe low temperatures, and wait for rescue. They spend every day of winter fighting for their own lives. It means roaming around taiga looking for dead bodies and chopping-off their heads. Because when spring comes, every unfound body will unfreeze, and the hunters will become prey. Mette – a slow-witted young guy who was finally on his way to a college after many years in a remote village, when the epidemic broke out. Due to a mere coincidence he meets Petr in his hunting hut. Funny and desperate. Peter – professional hunter. During the apocalypse he upgraded his hunting hut into a real fortress. Serious and brutal, can find a way out of any situation. Dora – has been surviving with her dad for 3 years. When her father dies, she comes across the gyus and they decide to look for a remedy together. Beautiful and tough girl, knows how to survive and how to shoot from any firearms.

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