Midnight (2021) (In Hindi)

Watch Midnight 2021 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online

Director: Oh-Seung Kwon

Starring: Wi Ha-Joon, Park Hoon, Ki-joo Jin

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Released on: 05 Apr 2022

Writer: Oh-Seung Kwon

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (2,370 Votes)

Duration: 103 min

Synopsis: A perilous find the stowaway between a psychopathic executioner and a hard of hearing lady Kyeong-mi, a young lady with hearing weakness lives with her mom. Working at the client call focus, one day she stomps out of an undesirable supper with the customer and drives home after she gets her mom. Then, the killer Do-sik spots Kyeong-mi’s mom sitting tight for her girl who went to leave her vehicle yet changes his objective when another young lady So-jung passes him by chatting on the telephone. So-jung gets betrayed by Do-sik back street and is found by Kyeong-mi, who winds up turning out to be Do-sik’s new prey.

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