Crying Wolf 3D (2015) (In Hindi)

Watch Crying Wolf 3D 2015 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online

Also Known As: Crying Wolf

Director: Tony Jopia

Starring: Caroline Munro, Joe Egan, Gabriella Alexandra

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Released on: 12 Dec 2015

Writer: Andy Davie, Michael Dale, Tony Jopia

IMDB Rating: 2.6/10 (282 Votes)

Duration: 91 min

Synopsis: From the Director of ‘DEADTIME’ and ‘Zombie Harvest’ comes Crying Wolf! They’re Hungry, Hairy and ready to hunt you down! The comedy horror Crying Wolf tells the story of strange and weird goings on in a little English village called Deddington. The gruesome death of local girl Charlotte by a rabid monster causes alarm and revulsion – before desperate reporters, crazy detectives and revenge seeking hunters descend on the scene! Crying wolf is a fast paced British comedy horror that will keep you howling for more!

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