Chotay Shah (2016)

Watch Chotay Shah 2016 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Director: Sabiha Sumar

Starring: Adnan Jaffar, Maira Khan, Khalid Malik

Genre: Drama

Released on: 04 Nov 2016

Writer: Uns Mufti

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (14 Votes)

Duration: N/A


Synopsis: A fine movie . All the characters are well chosen . It has hardly 4-5 main actors. The man of the house is worried about his crumbling heritage .His mother refuses to let go that big haveli which is a white elephant . His young son is going waylaid with his own maid . The real estate agents are pestering him to sell off his Haveli . His health is failing . His investments are bearing losses . His wife has left him to live in London .A fine story all too common about the last lines of royalty and regality . In the end , he gives sleeping tablets to his mother and upon her death rents his house to a hotel group and leaves for London . Most of these people realised quite late that their days of glory are long gone . We pity the main actor torn between two generations conflicting totally with each other .We pity the mother still living in 1950s with her exquisite china sets , we pity the young adolescent son torn between middle class and privileged class . The ending is positive when he realises that things are no more in his control and accepts the changes .




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